Five Sisters of Kintail

North Highlands


The Five Sisters of Kintail form a ridge of hills to the northeast of Glen Shiel. The highest summit of this ridge measures 3501 feet. A well-known landmark and popular hillwalking destination, three of the Five Sisters classify as full Munros, while the remaining two are subsidiary Munro tops.

There is a romantic tale behind the formation of these hills: according to legend, the Five Sisters are the oldest of seven sisters, the youngest of whom fell in love with a pair of Irish princes who washed ashore in a shipwreck. Promising to send their other five brothers to marry the elders, the princes and their new wives returned to Ireland, leaving the Five Sisters to wait. They never returned - and the Five Sisters slowly transformed into mountains, waiting still.

Despite their tragic beginning, the Five Sisters are a beautiful sight and have a lot to offer in terms of wildlife, with merlins, golden eagles, and black-throated divers scanning the peaks, while the slopes are home to red deer - and a herd of feral goats.

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