Valley View

Outer Hebrides · Bed and Breakfast
Valley View Master Bedroom

Why did you choose Private House Stays?
Cassie approached us and convinced us of the benefits of putting our property on a smaller site. We had been on Private House Stays before the revamp, and the difference is night and day compared to what it was before. The site is incredibly user friendly, and Cassie and her team care about us succeeding. 

How has Private House Stays helped your business?
Private House Stays has helped our business. One thing we appreciate is Cassies' connections and willingness to send professionals our way; web designers have improved our website. A significant positive is the embedded calendar widget that we host on our site, it really makes everything easy to manage.  An obvious plus is all of the promotional stuff Private House Stays does for the property; it has helped our bookings.

Would you recommend Private House Stays to other owners? 
Absolutely we would; most people use the massive OTA's but the commissions are so high. The benefit of Private House Stays is the pricing and how caring the team is. Bigger OTA's are faceless corporations where if you have a problem, you are given someone who has no vested interest in solving it as soon as possible. Cassie and her team are approachable and look to fix whatever issues we have as quicklyas possible