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Bayview Guest House

After considering a few systems we found that Private House Stays’ booking system was both complex but straight forward to use. But more than that is we have a personal assistant in Cassie who is ready, able and willing to help out with advice and support if problems do arise. She visited us here at our home on The Isle of Barra in November 2019 before the pandemic.

Being quite new to this industry we soon realised that a lot of time was taken up on the phone dealing with enquiries that sometimes came to nothing. With PHS booking system aligned to our own site, all the information was there for the clients. And with the facility to accept or decline the booking in advance was quite useful. The system also gave us access to new business from markets that were beyond our existing area.

For any business looking for a booking system I would highly recommend Private House Stays for its ability to spread your presence in the hospitality industry.