Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

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Photo - Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

It would seem that the very appearance of the site helped to give rise to the idea that there were two there, rather than one castle, as the two sets of ruins are separated by a dry moat in addition to the larger moat around the property. The main structure is the Tower House, and this became known as ‘Castle Girnigoe’. All that remains of the West Gate House is the structure around the chimney stack, and the construction and appearance gave rise to the idea that this was ‘Castle Sinclair’. ‘Castle Girnigoe’ was deemed to have been built for strength and ‘Castle Sinclair’ for beauty, reminiscent of that other well known Sinclair edifice, Rosslyn Chapel, and its famous pillars.

From the archaeological work carried out by FAS, detailed in their Conservation Plan produced in 2003, it became clear that there had been one Castle on the site from the beginning. Further historical research established that ‘Sinclair’ first came into the name in 1606, when George, the Fourth Earl of Caithness gained an Act of Parliament declaring that Girnigoe should be known as Castle Sinclair

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

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Caithness in the far North of Scotland is certainly full of wonders. The drive North on the A9 takes in some breathtaking scenery into a land littered with ancient archaeological remains and wide open spaces. You get more time to appreciate the things to see around you if you come to stay here a while and visit the local landmarks and attractions such as the Whailgoe Steps. Its peaceful and beautiful and you get frequent exposure to the Orcas and puffins of the coast in their thousands as well as views of the stunning Northern Lights