Borgie Forest

A Beauty Spots in North Highlands

Photo - Borgie Forest

Borgie was one of the Forestry Commission's original plantings in 1920. All but 20 hectares of this forest was destroyed by fire in 1942. Scots pine and spruce, which survived, are now some of the tallest trees in Sutherland, at over 100 feet tall.

The walk runs along the edge of the River Borgie, one of Scotland's most famous salmon rivers. There are lovely views up the river towards the centre of the forest -especially so in spring when the gorse is in flower.

Near the entrance to the forest lies A'chraobh. The spiral feature created using native trees and carved local stone was designed and created by the local community.

Borgie Forest

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North Highlands

The two areas of Caithness and Sutherland form Scotland's northern wilderness, north of Inverness. The scenery varies from wild cliffs and tiny islands to lonely moorland and remote sandy beaches with superb panoramic mountain views, plus tree-lined twisting roads and foaming rivers. Here you'll find dozens of ruined castles and ancient monuments, particularly in the east. There are also lots of golf courses and places where you can fish for salmon and trout. The boggy half of Caithness and Sutherland is known as the Flow Country (from the Old Norse word Floi meaning marshy ground).