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Isle of Lewis


Julia is originally from Derbyshire but splits her time between The Outer Hebrides. Julia started doing yoga in her 20s for a few years, then re-discovered it in 2000. She quickly knew she wanted to become a Yoga teacher, so she qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga as soon as possible. As a Reiki Master, Julia offers attunements and often re-attunements so that other people can experience and work with the beautiful Reiki energy. Julia now offers Holy Fire Karuna Reiki and has re-trained and upgraded her knowledge.

Take care of your joints and develop inner awareness with Julia Shaws Low Yoga. Julia's classes occur at the Uig Community Centre, just 35 miles from Stornaway. Julia's classes are for experienced or are new to yoga. Slow yoga gives your body a chance to become aware of your sensors and the information they can tell your body. Some of the benefits of the classes can be helping reduce depression and anxiety, building resilience to stress and triggers, engineering your body and improving sleep. You can expect breathing work to practise to remind the body to relax and be calm. 

There are two classes to choose from every Tuesday, depending on the weather. Visitors to Uig are also welcome to book in, and Julia can also travel to your Uig Holiday home for your private Yoga session. You do need to have your yoga mat, but there are new mats that you can buy from Julia. 

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Uig Community Centre Crowlista, Uig Isle of Lewis Outer Hebrides

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