Beirhope Alpacas

Scottish Borders


Beirhope Alpacas is located in the heart of the Cheviot Hills. Once a farm, it is now home to the growing alpaca herd. 
The farm offers various options, like Trek to 'meet-a-pacca.' Their male alpacas have extensive experience meeting people and will take you through the Cheviot Hills. 
There are many wild animals and plants to watch along the way, and there are some excellent photo opportunities to enjoy the scenery and the alpaca. 
The female alpacas and babies will be happy to be feed by you with the snacks we will provide. 
There are seasonal visits, such as Christmas, Easter, and summer specialties; attend weddings with alpaca as the main attraction. The farm also includes a barn which is a place to warm up in winter and cool in summer. Beirhope is a place where everyone feels at home, relaxes, and has fun.

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Hownam, Kelso

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