Grey Mare's Tail Nature Reserve

Scottish Borders


Grey Mare's Tail is a great example of a hanging valley and is essential for its rare upland plants and wildlife. The region has also a rich human history, dating back to at least the Iron Age. It has close links with the 17th century Covenanters, who used Watch Knowe as a vantage point in the valley to watch for government troops.

It is preserved by the National Trust for Scotland. Gazing at this mesmerizing waterfall - one of the highest in the UK - it's easy to see how Grey Mare's Tail got its name, with its high, thin line of foaming white water. Hike the steep slopes to Loch Skeen, a glassy mountain pool of water that is the source of the waterfall, or challenge yourself to reach the top of White Coomb for a breathtaking view.

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