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Commission & fees

How much commission do we charge?

Private House Stays has two business models. By using our bespoke booking software on your own website, you are able to generate commission free bookings directly from your website. If visitors find your property through our website, then we charge 9% of the total booking value.

When do we take our commission?

Dependant on how you charge for payment depends on when we take our commission. If you choose the pay on arrival method, you will be sent an invoice after the guest has stayed. If you choose to accept payment by taking a 25% deposit or ask for full payment up front, then we will take the commission from these parts of full payments.

0% Commission

If you do the hard work of advertising your business through social media, advertising or other forms we believe you shouldn’t be charged commission which is precisely why we have built a bespoke booking software to help you run your business more efficiently.

How much is our service fee?

We charge a £2.00 booking fee per transaction; this goes towards maintaining a secure website. It also allows to call on this card in case of a no show or cancellation, breakages and damages.