Scalloway Castle

A Heritage Site in Shetland

Photo - Scalloway Castle

Scalloway Castle is a fine ruined castellated mansion built in 1600 by Patrick Stewart, Earl of Orkney, who was notorious for his cruelty.

Scalloway Castle

Isle of Shetland
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Whereas they say that the Orcadians (Population of Orkney) mainly farm, and fish a bit, the Shetlanders are known to fish, and farm a bit. Although the 100 islands and islets of Shetland measure about 70 miles in length, there is 900 miles of coastline and a population of 23,000. It is further North than Moscow and further from London than Milan and now is an important centre for the North Sea oil industry. It is a wild and dramatic place but can be visited easily enough by ferry from Aberdeen or Kirkwall using Northlink Ferries. There is much to see for bird-watchers.