Jedburgh Castle Jail

A Ancient Castles in Scottish Borders

Photo - Jedburgh Castle Jail

This is a 19th century castle that was a modern palace at the time, you can go in and out of the cells on both floors and there are information panels to tell you what happended

Jedburgh Castle Jail

The Scottish Borders
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Scottish Borders

This is a region which is drenched in the blood of countless battles with the English, and its many ruined castles and abbeys bear witness to this. It also has inspired the country's greatest poets and writers such as Robert Burns, John Buchan and Sir Walter Scott. The wildest and most spectacular scenery is to be found in the southern part of the region, but it is along the central valley of the River Tweed, between Peebles in the west and Kelso in the east, where you'll find most of the historic attractions. The hill walking and spa-town atmosphere of Peebles is recommended.