Old Lachlan Castle

On the coast of Loch Fyne stands the remains of Old Castle Lachlan. The castle was built in the 15th century by Clan MacLachlan as their ancestral seat. The Clan has a history in the area of the castle and records of a Castle Lachlan in the area date back to 1292. The current castle was destroyed when Clan Lachlan supported the Jacobite cause and after the Battle of Culloden they were forced to flee, with the Duke of Cumberland ordering their castle bombarded from the sea. Now, Old Castle Lachlan lies in ruin, but Clan MacLachlan have regained ownership of it and maintain the castle in its current state to prevent the ruins from collapsing entirely. Old Castle Lachlan makes for a wonderful day out full of history and stunning views of Loch Fyne, and is a brilliant place to visit during your stay in Argyll and Bute.