Strength & Soul

Glasgow and Around


Hi, we are Kev and Joann Buchan.
We are Strength and Soul owners, an online and in-person wellness sanctuary based in Central Scotland. 
Since its establishment in 2014, with the development of us as individuals, a couple and a business, our services have continued to develop in the past 7 years. But our soul remains the same: helping people recover from injuries and illnesses. 
Jo specializes in working with women with lower back pain, hip pain, digestive problems or hormonal imbalances. 
She combines ancient science and wisdom with modern scientific research through Ayurveda, yoga, treatment, herbal medicine, and energy medicine techniques. 
Kev supports retired athletes to overcome the after-effects of sports and helps them find their goals. 
At Strength and Soul, Kev is a therapist, Ayurveda massage therapist and chef, responsible for retreats and events.
Together we run retreats, provide treatments, and create recipes for our clients. You could also find us exploring nature with our golden retriever Riley and Dalmatian Pele. Our mission is to explore the disease's root cause to ensure that the disease can be controlled or will not recur while introducing you to your unique personality.

Where we are

The Barn, Netherton Farm, Harthill