Grampian Transport Museum



The Grampian Transport Museum is situated in Alford and has an impressive collection of transportation exhibits, from the stage and post car era to some of the fastest cars ever. 

Every season, the museum refreshes about one-third of its shows. This year's exhibition includes " The Guy Martin Collection" and our updated "Probing the Future" experience, which now includes our first-ever outdoor climbing exhibition, the Van Hool Hydrogen Bus. 

The bus will provide a video experience, allowing visitors to learn about hydrogen transportation. There are still some old favorites, including our Mack Snowplough, Billy Connolly's Boom Lowrider motorcycle, and the former Grampian police Rover SD1 Vitesse. 
There is also a tea room that is open and offers various hot drinks, light meals, and snacks.

Where we are

Grampian Transport Museum, Alford, Aberdeenshire
AB33 8AE

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