Buachaille Etive Mòr

Fort William


Buachaille Etive Mòr means 'Great Herdsman of Etive.' Known colloquially to climbers as simply 'The Buachaille,' the ridge of Buachaille Etive Mòr is nearly five miles in length and surrounded almost entirely by the River Etive and its tributaries. It is one of the most recognisable Scottish sights and often appears on calendars and postcards.

The craggy and steep north-eastern face of the peak of Stob Dearg creates the iconic aspect of the mountain with its 'pyramidal' form and is the most direct climbing route - though there are alternative paths, such as the gentler, grassy sloped route commencing at Glen Etive. There is also the Curved Ridge, a particularly popular scrambling route.

An excellent view of the mountain is available when passing on the A82 towards Glen Coe.

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