Bird and Nature Watching at Blackwaterfoot



The Isle of Arran is an excellent place for birding, with beautiful species to be sighted year-round. The rich and varied terrain of the island makes it home to over 250 species of bird. The shingle coast of Blackwaterfoot is a particular haunt of Great Northern Divers, Red-throated Divers, and Black-throated Divers, for which it is a nationally significant area. These can be spotted at most times of year but are most active in the autumn.

Arran’s beaches are home to varied wildlife. Both common and grey seals can be spotted sunning themselves along the coast at low tide; the King’s Cave at Blackwaterfoot is a favourite spot. You may even see a sea otter – a special sight indeed as these can be very shy.

Further afield the Isle of Arran even more nature-spotting opportunities arise, with tame deer wandering the north end of the island around Lochranza, porpoises around the north coast, and wild goats inhabiting the Holy Isle.

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