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The church was consecrated as St John's Chapel on Maundy Thursday 1818, and construction began in 1816. It was designed by the architect William Burn the previous year when he was only 25 years old.
The congregation had begun in 1792 when Daniel Sandford came to Edinburgh to minister on Church of England lines. In 1797 the qualified community moved to Charlotte Chapel, which was rebuilt on more extensive lines in 1811. They sold shares to fund a new church, with banker Sir William Forbes as the leading figure, and Charlotte Chapel was subsequently sold to the Baptists.

Edward Bannerman Ramsay joined St John's as vicar in 1827. He succeeded Bishop Sandford as a minister in 1830 and remained until his death in 1872, having been dean from 1846.

The sanctuary and chancel were built in 1879-82 by Peddie & Kinnear (John Dick Peddie and Charles Kinnear). The vestry and hall were added in 1915-1916 by John More Dick Peddie and Forbes Smith.

The war memorial was added in 1919 to a design by Sir Robert Lorimer. Lorimer also designed and supervised the addition of false vaults when Lothian Road was widened in 1926. 

St John's holds daily services and is unique in being the last Episcopal church in Scotland to keep weekly Matins services.

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