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Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve can be found in the North West Highlands of Scotland, around 21 kilometers to the north of the village of Ullapool. Knockan Crag is celebrated internationally because of an important geological feature that is known as the Moine Thrust, which was originally identified here.

The rocks that can be found both at and around Knockan Crag also serve as an important record of the last three thousand million years of the history of Scotland. Knockan Crag is one of the most important sites that helps us understand how the landscape of Northern Britain was formed.

The Gaelic name of Knockan Crag is Creag a’ Chnocain, which means crag of the small hill in English. Knockan Crag is one of more than fifty national nature reserves in Scotland and offers one of the best examples of Scotland’s natural heritage. People who pay a visit to Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve will have the opportunity to discover the richness of the natural heritage of Scotland.

Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve was originally part of a much larger national nature reserve known as Inverpolly National Nature Reserve and became independent back in 2004. For more than a decade, a lot of effort has gone into exploring and promoting the importance of Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve, both to the Scottish people and international tourists. This is largely because of the rich history that the area boasts, much of which has yet to fully come to light.

One of the great things about Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve is that it is open all year round to both, local and international visitors. People who take a trip to Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve are welcome to explore the area’s many hiking and walking trails, independently if they wish, and special guided tours are also available.

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