Blairadam Wood

Dunfermline Area


The combination of picturesque woodland and industrial history makes every visit to Blairadam feel like a completely different experience. 
The famous Scottish architect William Adam built the Blairadam House here in the 1730s and beautified the surrounding real estate. He was also a shrewd businessman. He planted some trees and wood and extracted coal from the coal seams all over his land. 
You will see a lot of evidence that the forest has reclaimed these mining operations in the tall trees and rolling burns. 
Blairadam woodland is full of surprises, from towering spruces, waterfalls and bridges to digging ghosts and mysterious beasts!
Three fascinating trails meander through Blairadam Wood, an intriguing combination of mighty spruce and colorful beech woodland.

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Clentry, Kelty, Fife,

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