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Cassie Bouverie

Private House Stays Secures £20,000 Funding Boost for Growth and Innovation

In a significant stride towards its expansion goals, East Lothian-based accommodation booking platform, Private House Stays, has recently secured a notable funding injection of £20,000. This financial boost, comprising a substantial portion of a local authority grant, is set to drive the company's next phase of growth and innovation.

Private House Stays is a prominent online accommodation booking hub deeply embedded in the heart of Scottish tourism. The company, headquartered in North Berwick, is an esteemed online booking partner of VisitScotland, proudly showcasing approximately 100 unique properties across Scotland. With a diverse range of accommodation options, including self-catering facilities, lodges, inns, hotels, B&Bs, and even glamping sites, Private House Stays caters to the varied preferences of travellers. Notably, the platform also boasts an extensive compilation of more than 4,000 attractions and experiences, further enriching the traveller's journey.

At the core of its recent success, Private House Stays has been awarded a remarkable £15,000 grant from the East Lothian Council. This grant is a testament to the company's resilience and determination, reflecting its pivotal role in the local economy and its unwavering commitment to growth, even in the face of challenges posed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The grant was secured through an application to the Business Growth and Sustainability Grant, part of the Local Authority Covid-19 Economic Recovery Fund. Adding to this impressive sum, Cassie Bouverie, the visionary behind Private House Stays, is investing an additional £5,000 into the initiative.


Cassie Bouverie, whose journey led her from running her own B&B in Edinburgh for over a decade to founding Private House Stays, shared her thoughts on the funding boost. "We pride ourselves on offering an authentic and personal local accommodation experience, and this grant will allow us to enhance that offering further," Bouverie remarked. She also revealed exciting plans that lie ahead for the platform. Fueled by the successful grant application and her investment, these ambitious initiatives encompass upgrading the platform's software infrastructure and constructing a novel framework. This framework empowers property owners to craft comprehensive itineraries spanning one, three, and five days, fostering an enriched and immersive traveller experience.

Elaine Carmichael, representing the East Lothian Council, praised Private House Stays for its resilience during challenging times. She expressed the council's admiration for Cassie Bouverie's aspirations to elevate the business and contribute to the regional economy. Carmichael also conveyed the council's eagerness to continue supporting and collaborating with Private House Stays, eagerly anticipating the transformative outcomes of this partnership.

The injection of £20,000, a harmonious blend of local authority grant and personal investment, heralds a new chapter for Private House Stays. This dynamic platform's dedication to providing an authentic, personalized, locally-infused accommodation experience is poised to reach new heights. As the company evolves its software, introduces innovative frameworks, and expands its offerings, travellers can eagerly anticipate an even more immersive and tailored Scottish adventure through Private House Stays' curated selection of accommodations and experiences.

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