Elevating Well-being: Private House Stays Expands Scottish Portfolio

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Elevating Well-being: Private House Stays Expands Scottish Portfolio with a Focus on Holistic Staycations


In the wake of an evolving travel landscape, where well-being and experiences take precedence over traditional vacations, Private House Stays, a leading staycation booking site in Scotland, is poised to redefine the tourism sector. With an unwavering commitment to guest well-being and memorable experiences, owner Cassie Bouverie is pioneering a new era of travel that prioritizes rejuvenation, connection, and personal growth. As lockdown restrictions ease and travellers seek refuge from tumultuous times, Private House Stays is set to enrich its Scottish portfolio by partnering with wellness practitioners, offering a unique blend of accommodations and holistic experiences that promise to heal, restore, and inspire.


Holistic Well-being: A Cornerstone of Transformation: At the heart of Private House Stays' reinvention lies a powerful commitment to well-being. With an extensive selection of accommodations, ranging from hotels and B&Bs to glamping sites and self-catering houses across Scotland, the company is shifting its focus towards creating holistic experiences. As travellers emerge from the pandemic's grip, there's an undeniable need for nurturing and self-care. Cassie Bouverie recognizes this profound need and is determined to meet it head-on.


Partnerships that Foster Wellness: Cassie Bouverie's vision extends beyond providing a mere place to stay; it encompasses a complete well-being journey. Collaborations with pilates and yoga studios, masseurs, reiki practitioners, and mental health experts are set to transform a simple stay into a transformative escape. With these partnerships, Private House Stays aims to offer visitors the opportunity to engage in wellness practices that nurture their minds, body, and soul.



A Vision for Recovery: As the pandemic inflicted its toll on the tourism industry, Private House Stays seized the opportunity to innovate. Investing in a state-of-the-art booking platform and an innovative website, the company empowers accommodation providers while providing travellers with a seamless, commission-friendly experience. This bold approach demonstrates a commitment to local businesses and visitors, fostering a sense of community-driven recovery.


The Impact of Education and Collaboration: Cassie Bouverie's forward-thinking approach is evident in her participation in the HIT Scotland Tourism and Hospitality Talent Development Programme. In a post-pandemic world, the ten-week course, funded by the Scottish government, seeks to empower and elevate talent within the sector. This investment in skill development and collaboration showcases Private House Stays' dedication to spearheading positive change within the industry.


A Vision Endorsed by Partnerships: Private House Stays' commitment to well-being has garnered the endorsement of Visit Scotland, highlighting the company's role in driving digital innovation and industry collaboration. In the words of Jim Clark, Regional Leadership Director (West) at Visit Scotland, this project symbolizes the path forward for the recovery of tourism and events businesses in the wake of the pandemic.


Private House Stays stands at the forefront of change as the world redefines the essence of travel. Cassie Bouverie's commitment to holistic well-being is a beacon of hope in a world seeking solace, connection, and renewal. By merging accommodation with wellness experiences, she offers a haven where guests can find healing amidst Scotland's stunning landscapes. With every partnership forged and every well-being journey embarked upon, Private House Stays reimagines travel as a transformative experience, underlining the potential for a brighter, more interconnected future. As the tourism sector embraces innovation, collaboration, and holistic well-being, Private House Stays emerges as a leader, paving the way for a new era of conscious travel.

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