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Honestly, those early days of Scottish adventures were life changing for me. I’ll never forget how I felt; it was like discovering a (not-so secret) secret, and wanting to tell everyone about it. I loved immersing myself in Scotland’s scenery and history, and seeing visitors’ reactions when they experienced it all for the first time. I also loved that it was me who was showing them.

I knew I wasn’t going to be a tour guide forever, but I was certain that my passion – and my purpose – was to promote Scotland. Fast forward ten years, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. In April 2013, I started my Scottish travel blog.

In June 2018, five years after launching my Scottish travel blog, I left my corporate day job to travel Scotland and write about it. Now I’m a full-time travel blogger and itinerary planner, and I’ve never looked back!

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Edinburgh city is located on the Southern shore of the Firth of Forth with an historic central area, the unique feature of the mini-mountain of Arthur's seat in the middle and then some of the more disasterous post-war house estates in the suburbs. Although the centre of Edinburgh is only a mile and a half from the shore-line, it is the dramatic atmosphere of the Castle that dominates the city rather than the influence of the sea although the suburb of Leith is recommended for its bohemian mix of independent restaurants and pleasant dock-side areas.