Erskine Marykirk

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The Erkine Marykirk church has now been converted in to a Youth hostel albeit with an impressive facade and a monument in front to Ebenezer Erskine

Peddie & Kinnear, 1859. Classical, 3-stage, domed monument to Ebenezer Erskine, marking site of tomb in former church. Sandstone ashlar, 30' high, 15'6" square; low coped rubble boundary walls and decorative inset ironwork railings.

Erskine Marykirk

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Stirling is most famous for the battle of Bannockburn but around the city are the sites of many battles fought from Roman times when southern invaders would drive the Scots into the hills North of Stirling that was land considered unconquerable and worthless. The city now has an interesting ancient quarter, the spectacular castle and the Wallace monument that are all worth visiting and also just outside the city the Blairgowrie wildlife park - Scotland's premier big animal wildlife zoo and adventure playground.