Abernethy Round Tower

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An unusual tower in Scotland
The round tower at Abernethy is one of only two such towers in Scotland. The other is at Brechin. Both are thought to have served as the bell tower for an adjacent church, as well as providing a secure place for members of the community and their treasured possessions in times of danger. Quite why or how Abernethy acquired its bell tower is a mystery.

The tower is approximately 22m high and 5m in diameter. It is believed to date from around AD 1100, judging by the decoration around the first-floor doorway and the four belfry windows. There was a church at Abernethy from at least the 7th century. This soon became the episcopal centre of the Pictish church but during the 12th century lost its place in the ecclesiastical hierarchy to St Andrews. The bell dates to 1782 and the clock to 1868. The tower still functions as the bell tower for the present parish church

Abernethy Round Tower

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East Perthshire

East Perthshire is the area centred around Blairgowrie, North-east of Perth City and stretching Northwards to the South of the Cairngorms National Park and bordered to the East by Angus. The area boasts some of Scotlands finest country houses and landscapes, with many tourist attractions to visit