Private House Stays Webinars


We’re committed to providing all our property owners and potential new members with useful, up-to-date industry information to help them get ahead. Part of how we will be doing this going forward is through webinars. Our first webinar, taking place on 5th November at 11am, will feature talks by sales expert Barry Clark and professional digital marketer Paul Thomas with advice on how you can make the most out of your business.


More about Barry:
Barry Clark is recognised as a commercial expert, having the revenue and business management skills to drive profitability in hotels of all sizes. At the upcoming Private House Stays members event, Barry will be sharing his thoughts on the key business drivers that member owners should be focusing upon, to drive revenue, margins and ultimately to drive your profitability.


More about Paul:
Paul Thomas will talk to us about the value of social media. He will focus on the benefits of using channels such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to establish both your business brand and personal brand and the importance of both these things to an increasingly discerning public. Most importantly, Paul’s approach is to make digital strategy exciting and accessible, so you’ll leave this session ready to jump in with confidence!