Foundations of Digital Marketing for Property owners

Digital marketing blogpost

Google has become a massive part of everybody’s life, and people are doing so much more than just keeping up with their emails. It has crept into everything we now do. You and your business can use digital marketing to go to the next level; do you want to reach a larger audience than you ever thought possible? If so, follow these tips.


Set your online goals:


Knowing precisely what you want to get out of digital marketing will save you so much time rather than following fruitless avenues that will not help your business. You need to know where you want to grow and how you’d like to do it. Through working with Private House Stays, you have a place where customers can find and interact with you, so you have already completed a significant part of the process.


Increase Your Online Presence


When you feel ready, it’s a great idea to create a website. This is an online space all about you, where your customers can interact with you beyond your Private House Stays page. You could use this to display extra information, like menus or itineraries. You can improve your online visibility using SEO (search engine optimisation), ensuring your site appears in the correct searches. This can be done by appeasing the Google algorithm; knowing what works and doesn’t is key to climbing up those search results. Private House Stays is constantly reworking how your company appears on our website so that you have the best chance at getting in front of the people who need to see you.


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Reach more customers with advertising


As with other sections of this blog, Private House Stays does help with reaching more customers, whether it is through newsletter features or just hosting your property on our website. However, there is always more that can be done.


Email marketing can be highly beneficial for a business to draw in more customers. There are helpful email marketing services that take care of all the technical stuff. You can use your previous customers to begin your database and then grow from there. Next, you need to think about how people view your email and how best to get your information across in an easily digestible way. There is lots of helpful information out there, and Private House Stays is always happy to give pointers on becoming more successful.

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Display Ads are very effective in reaching new people in your target audience. You can also use display ads to update customers on changes and get previous customers to return to your site again. This could target people who visited your website but did not decide to stay at your property. You can show a specific audience what you want them to see to, get them to return. Places like Google Display Network are beneficial if you are considering looking into this.


Social Media


You should utilise social media to grow in this marketing era. You can use Instagram to show your beautiful property, Twitter to update deals and events and Facebook to reach a wider audience. You can also use social media, especially sites such as LinkedIn, to connect with other property owners.

First, it is much more beneficial to be proficient on one social media platform than to be a novice on all of them. We recommend starting with Instagram, as an image-based platform, it is ideal for showing off your property. Once you feel confident in one, you can try out another to reach a different audience while still focusing on quality over quantity.


Are you interested in learning more about growing your business online? Private House Stays features a Webinar on Sales and Digital Marketing that will give you extra information on this topic. You can also get more helpful tips by using Visit Scotland.


Blogpost by Oliver Bayliss