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Ben View Bed and Breakfast

Meet Paul & Lisa Prichard

Why did you choose Private House Stays? 
After meeting with Cassie and her team we felt she understood our business and our goals. We also felt that Private House Stays didn’t over promise what they could do for our business. 


How has private house stays helped your business?

They have helped us develop our business by using their knowledge of the bed and breakfast industry. As a company they want to share there wealth of knowledge by helping us build a wedsite with advice on wording and photos. And above all we think there give us great value for money. With the simple booking system that they put on your website it really makes things easy to use . 


Would you recommend Private House Stays to other owners?

For other bed and breakfast owners wanting to take the next step I couldn’t recommend Private House Stays enough. What they promise they do deliver it’s that simple. As a company they are always on hand to help and advise no matter what the problem. To be honest with other owners you have nothing to lose by joining Private House Stays..