Bannockburn Heritage Centre

A Historic Site in Bannockburn

Bannockburn Heritage Centre

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In the Bannockburn Visitor Centre, an exhibition brings the Wars of Independence to life. There are scenes of the coronation of Robert the Bruce and the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.
There are figures of Wallace and Bruce, a large model of the Battle of Stirling Bridge and an audio-visual presentation which tells the story of Bruce and the battle.

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Bannockburn is the battle fought in sight of Stirling Castle in June 1314 when a Scottish army commanded by Robert the Bruce defeated the English. It is a battle that is a source of great pride to Scotland. The National Trust for Scotland has built a heritage centre at the site of the battle with a bronze equestrian statue of King Robert the Bruce and lifelike displays of Scottish history: the Scottish nobles signing the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320; Robert the Bruce being crowned king of Scotland at Scone; and William Wallace with his famous sword.